88th Infantry Tournament 2014

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    • 88th Infantry Tournament 2014

      We are pleased to announce that on September 22th, 2014 a new season of the 88th Infantry Tournament in Arma 3 CTF mode will begin.

      The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6 vs 6 and each team may register a maximum of 8 players.

      Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through MIONIX, we can offer the following awards to the first classified:
      • 8* Professional Gaming Mouse MIONIX NAOS 3200
      • + bundle surprise courtesy of MIONIX

      *one for each registered player

      Sign up now and register your team BEFORE September 19th, 2014!. For more information please visit the tournament forum.

      Downlaod Official Tournament Map Pack: Available September 1st!

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      88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014 - Where the challenge begins
      Powered by MIONIX
    • Sounds good. But we're not really longer interested in arma for a tournament.

      We will discuss this in a internal circle.

      Thx for this information!
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    • Hi!
      I came back to your forums to communicate the launch of the official maps for the Tournament. They can be downloaded through the following link:

      Download link: [88IT] CTF - Official 88th Infantry Tournament Maps 2014 [36.2MB]

      These will be the maps to be used during the Tournament unless stated otherwise by the Organization. We have created a special forum where you can report any bug you find so we can fix them before the Tournament. We would also like to provide you with some interesting links for the Tournament:

      Forum: Support & Bugs
      Forum: Team inscription
      Forum: Tournament Rules
      Forum: About the Season

      We have recently presented the CTF templates you will find in the maps to Make Arma Not War contest by Bohemia Interactive, and we would ask for your help voting it. In order to do so you only have to access the website of the contest and vote for us using the option "SUPPORT".

      Finally, you can take a look to a video of the new spectator mode you will find in the maps, called TrackingCam, that will allow you to broadcast the games from different angles, and that would allow the Organization to supervise no cheats of bugs are used.


      88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2014 - Where the challenge begins
      Powered by MIONIX